Accreditation for offering vocational and training activities for the three micro-types of training courses in the management of training courses with or without qualification release. (Decree of the Manager of the Ministry of Labour and Education Decree 62/01 – Decree 2164/01 – Decree 1071/05 – Decree 868/06 – Decree 974/08)

Specifically, the Association On the Road is accredited by the Marche Region for training management on:
a. Compulsory Training: includes the courses provided by L. 144/99 art. 68 sub-clause 1, lett. b) and c), carried out as vocational training system and in the exercise of apprenticeship;
b. Higher education: includes post-compulsory training, the Higher Technical Education provided by Law 144/99 art. 69, high level training related to internal interventions and postgraduate studies;
c. Continuous training, intended for employed persons, in Intergovernmental Conference and mobility, to unemployed people for whom job training is a precondition for employment, as well as apprentices who have completed the training obligation; “Management of training courses with and without qualifying certification release”.


Quality Service Card for Training Services

Accreditation of Services for Job employment, approved by resolution No. 1583 dated 25 November 2013, as amended by Resolution No. 574 dated 12 May 2014 and in accordance with the provisions of DDPF No. 191 / SIM dated 12 May 2014 on the approval of the “Operating procedures for the establishment and management of the Employment lists and its sets of forms”.
 (Decree of the Director of Labour and Training Decree 546/2014 – DDPF 191 / SIM / 2014)

In accordance with the provisions of Regional Law No. 2 dated 25 January 2005 (Regional Employment Standards) as an accredited entity, On the Road provides Services for Orientation and Employment and acts in partial substitution, but in conjunction with the CIOF for the provision of services listed above, as set forth by the same regional legislation for the Accreditation of Employment Services.

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