Although we are not yet a non-governmental organization (NGO) in the strict sense, we are an international association in a strong sense.

For many years we have been pursuing European and international projects against human trafficking, young people disadvantage around railway station areas and the promotion of human rights.

Thanks to the training and consultancy activity of our President in Latin America, we have been able to transfer the skills developed by our association over the years onto welcoming foreign unaccompanied children, community work and the fight against human trafficking. With this expertise, we are now ready to build real international cooperation projects in order to be able to act deeply on the issues that we have close to our heart.


On the Road Mexico

We are twinned with On the Road Mexico organization, founded in Mexico City in 2016. The organization deals with community projects, reception of unaccompanied children, and the fight against human trafficking.

Together with Grupo Integritas and Istituto Progetto Uomo and the Centro Mexicano Universitario de Ciencias y Humanidades of Puebla, we have opened the Diploma of Specialization in Social Policies. This 1000-hours course to train social assistants able to operate in complex areas in 4 locations: Puebla, Querétaro, CDMEX, and Tabasco.

The main scope is to train professionals to make them able to design models of economic, cultural and social integration suitable for social groups living in deeply vulnerable situations.

International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

We are part of international networks such as the International Centre for Prevention of Crime (ICPC), formed by national governments, international, regional, and national organizations, as well as cities and a wide variety of non-governmental organizations and associations dealing with problems of crime prevention and community security.

Its missionMission La Mission è la definizione dei processi operativi attraverso cui raggiungere obiettivi strategici is to promote safer and healthier societies and communities through the implementation of strategic programmes and initiatives with a view to reduce and prevent crime and victimization and to support international standards and norms, in particular, the UN guidelines on crime prevention (1995 and 2002).

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