People. Women and men with psychological disorders of diverse nature and evolution who have the right to enjoy equal opportunities and full inclusion in society.


Mental discomfort is a disease affecting the behavioural, relational, cognitive or affective sphere of a person, causing them a strong subjective suffering. Stigma and biases lead to an isolation condition that also often hinders the exercise of fundamental rights such as the right to education and to the social and professional integration.

Care and rehabilitation must be able to offer differentiated processes, tailored to the specific and individual obstacles, and to prevent people from experiencing temporary or permanent difficulties and to prevent loss of social rights, dignity and power while they ‘exercise their affective, relational, family, and production roles.

This is why it is crucial that services, operators, families, and communities create a network around the person and know how to support and protect him/her, leaving him/her free in his/her life path.


Daily Centre

The Relief Centre is a space dedicated to the care of people and families living in psychological discomfort.
With the support of our assistants, they can develop expressive and relational skills, following a process of self-affirmation and empowerment.

We propose socio-recreational and educational activities carried out in mixed groups of beneficiaries and families with the aim of building reciprocal meaningful relationships and emotional support.

We activate a local social reception system and we undertaking, so to relieve the solitude of families and activate a network of social and health care services which are built together and “around” the family itself.

We work between the patient’s family and mental health department and social workers to enhance the patient’s autonomy, working at a preventative level to stop chronic illness.

Activities and Laboratories

The activities we offer are many: cooking workshops, outdoor activities, reading newspapers and learning local news, film-making and photography workshops.

The goal is to find new ways to explore ourselves and the reality that surrounds us, cultivating memory, feeling part of a group, and increasing attachment to reality.

One of our main activities is orthotherapy, where synergy with nature transforms the care of outer space into a metaphor of inner care, bringing tremendous results in terms of the well-being and personal balance.
Our project is to create a vegetable garden open to all, where the cultivated products are sold, thus bridging as a communication vehicle with the outside, where knowledge can tell the outside world about our small activity and break down stigmatization.

Family meetings and home visits

We periodically meet our families with the goal of establishing a relationship of trust and mutual exchange and for us to get a “global” charge of the personal matters and thus to build a truly therapeutic relationship.

We make home visits individually or in small groups to strengthen the relationship with the individual and the group. Visits are planned and designed following an educational project designed to achieve the goals of the individual.


A transportation service is envisaged in order to allow the participation of users coming from far away. A nine-seater van that passes through all the territories of the Union of the Municipalities of the Tronto Valley: Appignano del Tronto, Castel di Lama, Castorano, Castignano, Colli del Tronto, Offida and Spinetoli and this service often transforms the journey into a playful time of great socialization among beneficiaries.

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