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Your support will not be a short-lived help, instead, it will be used to generate opportunities of autonomy and empowerment in the lives of the people we care for, so that they become independent and able to build their own future.



Traceable donations made with the reason for payment “donations” to On the Road are deductible under current law.

How to donate:


Cooperativa Sociale On the Road
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Postal Current Account:
On the Road Società Cooperativa Sociale
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Become a volunteer

Being Volunteers for On The Road means knowing and understanding the phenomena that surround us. It means, in the first place, contrasting situations of violence, discrimination and social exclusion. It means participating and influencing the processes of change in our society.

If you share our own ideals, help us build networks of people working together to improve the living conditions of people involved in the areas where we work: Human Trafficking and Exploitation, Extreme Poverty, Migrant Reception, Mental Health, Gender Violence, Training and Employment, International Cooperation.


What can volunteers do at On the Road?

Every volunteer can make his/her own skills available, whatever they are. The activities and services carried out by On the Road are many. It will not be difficult to find a place to make a contribution: from creative workshops to fundraising, from street work to awareness raising, there is plenty of choice!

Depending on the time available and the volunteer’s specific interests, as well as personal training and experience, you and our human resource manager will identify the most suitable activity for you.


Our volunteers take part in On the Road’s activities free of charge by providing time, capacity and resources on the basis of their availability.

Our requirements are sharing the values ​​and principles of our Association; working free of charge in support of the association; the sense of responsibility of taken commitments; the ability to work in team in accordance with the operating procedures provided by the association.

To become a volunteer write to [email protected]



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