A human approach, a careful environment against discrimination and towards the most vulnerable targets.


Work is a right and a value. Everyone has the right to work, to have free choice of employment, to equal and satisfactory working conditions and protection against unemployment (Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948).

In a time of great economic changes, the job market is constantly exposed to market changes. In this context, we place ourselves as an opportunity for interaction, between government, companies and employees, in order to create equal opportunities by respecting fundamental human rights.

The person is placed in the centre of our attention as representing a unique value. Thus we offer tailor-made trainings and job placement courses, in order to enhance people’s skills, needs and aptitudes.


Orientation and Self-Orientation

Through an information desk. we provide all the necessary information for the person’s self-orientation on the calls for selections and on the services offered at local level, we accompany our beneficiaries in the budget balance of their skills taking into account their personal, training, professional and extra professional history. We support them in curriculum vitae writing and in the definition and construction of a professional and personalized training.

Professional Training

We organize professional training courses for the development of new skills and the consolidation of past professional experiences, putting a strong emphasis on the potentials, motivations, and goals of a person.

Job placement

We offer support in the active search for a job or process that will help for future employment opportunities.
We support beneficiaries in writing their curriculum vitae and cover letters and we prepare the for a job interview.
We work in matching job supply and demand, promoting personal profiles by matching them with the many companies that take advantage of our services, supporting our beneficiaries in all stages of pre-selection and selection.
We assist them in building their own business with ad hoc advice, by referring our beneficiaries, when necessary, to the relevant services.

Business Services

We provide all the information needed to start job recruitment as responsively as possible to meet the needs of a company, helping to identify potential candidates to work in the company and by taking advantage of all the incentives applicable by law in hiring candidates.

We provide support in advertising of vacant positions, and facilitate the matching between job demand and offer.
We support in pre-selection and selection stages of the professional profiles required, verifying that the candidates meet the specified requirements and by submitting the most suitable candidates.
We provide information about calls for bids and support initiatives for the implementation of the suggested employment policies at the regional and ministerial level.


On the Road Onlus Association is accredited by Marche Region for the purpose of carrying out job seeking services and vocational guidance and training for the three micro-types of categories: compulsory continuous higher training in the management of training courses with or without qualification certification release. (Decree of the Director of PF. Work and Training Decree 62/01 – Decree 2164/01 – Decree 1071/05 – Decree 868/06 – Decree 974/08) (Decree of the Director of PF Work and Training Decree 546/2014 – DDPF 191 / SIM / 2014)

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