We promote women's self-determination and empowermentEmpowerment L’empowerment, in italiano “potenziamento”, rappresenta un modello di servizio sociale attivo che consente a persone, organizzazioni, comunità, di valorizzare le proprie abilità e individuare risorse aggiuntive in sé stesse, nel proprio gruppo o nel proprio ambiente sociale, al fine di migliorare proattivamente l’equità e la qualità della propria vita. in order to get to know, prevent, make visible and overcome gender violence.


Discrimination, marginalization and abuse against women are a widespread, serious and complex socio-cultural phenomenon perpetrated against women as such.

Gender violence is a violation of human rights and a form of discrimination against women. It includes all forms of gender-based violence that cause physical, sexual, psychological, economic and social harm.

This is a phenomenon that only through specific skills and methodologies can be effectively hindered.


Anti-violence Centres

Our anti-violence centres are areas of listening, sharing and support for women who were victims of gender violence. Here they can find direct reception and telephone counselling, legal advising, psychological counselling, support for social and health services.

Shelter Home

The shelter home is designed to provide women with a safe place to escape from violence of their (former) partners and to protect themselves from danger situations.
It is a place where it is possible to get away emotionally and materially from the violent relationship and where psychological serenity can be rebuild with autonomy.
The home guarantees security and hospitality to female victims of violence and to their children.

Social Awareness

We are always committed to carry out educational and entertainment projects, communication and local awareness activities, because we consider prevention a key element to effectively fight gender-based violence.

We promote women’s rights through information and awareness-raising campaigns, so that a society without gender-based violence will be built exclusively through the contribution of knowledgeable and informed citizens.

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