venerdì 20 Dicembre 2013

RAPPORTORapporto Annuale dell’ONDS (Osservatorio Nazionale della Solidarietà nelle Stazioni Italiane) 2013 dei centri di ascolto e orientamento presenti nelle stazioni ferroviarie italiane e denominati Help Center

domenica 18 Luglio 2010

REPORTTransnational Report produced within the Safer Path – System Action for the Empowerment of Refugees and Protection Against Trafficking in Human Beings” project (HOME/2009/ERFX/CA/1044), thanks to the contribution of the European Refugee Fund of the European Commission (Directorate General for Home Affairs).  The project has been carried out by Associazione On the RoadOnlus-Italy (leading partner), ACCEM Association-Spain, ALC Association-France and the Lon-don School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine